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Daniel G. Kostyushko. My name is Daniel and I am a software engineer with a wide range of experience in various areas of the IT industry.

My journey began in the city of Odessa, where I received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in applied mathematics. Since then, I have been fond of mathematics and physics and have been looking for ways to apply them. At the same time, I worked as a freelancer, first as a UX / UI designer on the web, then moved into simple interface development as a UX / UI engineer. I really liked what I was doing, but I could not combine my educational background and my work, so I continued my studies.

I was interested in the field of games, since using game technologies we can visualize various physical processes, so I applied to the University of Applied Sciences (TH Köln) at the Faculty of Cologne Game Lab. Likewise, I completed my Master of Arts degree, gained knowledge in the field of game design and development, met many amazing people from all over the world and had the honor of being invited to work in the Euro Commission.

At the European Commission, I participated in data visualization projects for 5G networks using JavaScript, Angular.js with Chart.js, and also worked in the development of interfaces for the environmental programs of the European Union. One of the partners from England invited me to participate in the project of Cambridge and Oxford University, in the Oxbridge consortium. The consortium was developing a platform where everyone could buy courses from the best universities in England at affordable prices without the commission that competitors offer. I was happy to work with students and teachers from the best English universities, because this experience helped me to solve very complex technical and business problems. We used technologies such as React.js, React Native and node.js .

Simultaneously with Oxbridge and the completion of most projects in the Euro Commission, I moved to work for Gastrohero. This company is one of the leaders in the gastronomy industry, and I was curious to solve problems that would help restaurant owners improve their business using Gastrohero web shop. The Gastrohero Store is a comprehensive application based on Vue technology with Vue Storefront. We have achieved quite significant results in the development of the application, creating new patterns for solving extraordinary problems for the needs of our customers.

At the moment I am interested in developing various applications for various platforms and I will be glad to any contact with you.

Thank you for your attention
Daniel G. Kostyushko